Elin Hunter Art Channel

I welcome you to my 1st official Art Video on Vimeo; "Late Afternoon" with Multi face 31 seconds long follow this link:


Elin Hunter aka Farrah Fire

I welcome you to my Farrah Fire Channel where it relates to Elin Hunter Art, specifically to the Art Rock Videos playlist as this section is focused on videos that feature many pieces of my original art within the story, I will be writing more on this in future articles identifying each original artwork and its transformation within the video and also the evolution of the artwork with i painted into manually on separate canvases prior to the video creating alternate formations. Thus far I have published 2 Art rock videos. The first official Art Rock Video, "Darkness City" I began to play with bringing in art, this video features several pieces altered and unaltered. The second Art Rock Video "Little Dolls of Fire" Part 1 has an abundance of Art in Part 1 and Part 2 & 3 which are still in the making will feature many more pieces of my Art. 


 "Little Dolls of Fire" Part 1 A Halloween 2021 Release 



The first official Art Rock Video, "Darkness City" released July 2018